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Our Story

Trees by Design was founded as a tree nursery  in 2005. It was built around the concept that good design paired with good plant material would create exceptional landscapes. Landscape design services were offered on each purchase - hence the name, Trees by Design. While the retail nursery is gone, the commitment to its philosophy carries on in each design.

Guiding Principles

For a design to be successful, you begin with the basic principles of aesthetics (form, line, color, texture, unity/variety, balance, scale, etc.). In addition, it must be functional, practical, blend with the architecture of the home and the feel of the setting, as well as be a reflection of the personal tastes and desires of the Client. We take pride in crafting each project we design.

Your Designer

Good landscape design starts with passion, creativity, expertise, and perhaps a dash of hippie-granola-earthiness.

John Gottfredson


John has been designing unique and creative spaces since 2004. He gained his expertise in plant material while managing a retail tree nursery and garden center, and his construction expertise while owning and managing a full service landscape construction company. This hands-on knowledge enables John to design to a budget and provide expert consulting on project phasing and implementation.

A Utah native, John lives in Highland, UT with his wife and four kids. He enjoys camping, late 90's alternative, and geeking out on big trees in the pacific northwest. John holds a Masters degree in Landscape Architecture from Utah State University.

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Next Steps...

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